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Home Theater System

  • General Notes

You must use two separate remote controls. One to control the cable box and turn the TV on and off, and the other to control the home theater system which affects the volume and the DVD player.

  • Watching TV
    • Turn on TV: Press TV button on Cable Remote
    • Turn on Cable box: Press CBL button on Cable Remote
    • Turn on Amp: Press AMP, then System Power button on Amp Remote.
    • Swtich to Cable: Press D-TV/Cbl Button on Amp Remote

    • Use the Amp remote to change volume, the cable remote to change channels.
    • The sound setting on the Amp should be Neo:6 Cinema. This will automatically convert two channel stereo into sound that comes from the center channel speaker for speech and other speakers for music and effects.

  • Watching DVDs?
    • Turn on TV: Press TV button on Cable Remote
    • Turn on Amp: Press System Power button on Amp Remote
    • Switch to DVD: Press DVD button on Amp Remote

    • Use Amp remote to control DVD player

  • Shut Down System
    • Turn off TV using TV button on Cable Remote. Red light on the botton of the TV is off, Green light is on.
    • Turn off Cable, press Cbl button on Cable Remote
    • Turn off Amp: Press Stand By button on Amp Remote

  • Trouble Shooting
    • Sound but no Picture
      • Make sure TV is on - Green light
      • Make sure TV source is Video 4 - change source using Sony Remote Tv/Video button

    • No sound: you must have source and the amp on to hear sound. Nothing works without everything being turned on.

  • Sound Settings
    • Cable TV: Neo:6 Cinema for TV
    • DVD: Same settings, but sound may be Dolby Digital or DTS. This should swtich automatically. Use the DTS button to set the Neo:6 mode, but you may have to press it several times for the correct mode. The only way to verify is to look at the Amp, so if you can't see it you will not know what the sound mode is.

  • Subwoofer
    • Red light is standby, Green light is on. Subwoofer is not always on, so the red light is ok.

  • Center speaker
    • If this speaker is not making sound, then you will not be able to hear speech without turning the volume up too high. Review previous settings if the center speaker is not working. Neo:6 Cinema mode is what turns it on for stereo sources.

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