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Setting up the Linksys WPS54GU2? Print Server proved to be a challenge. Here are the steps I went through in hopes they will help the next poor chap that gives this a shot.

My Setup:

Netgear Wireless G Router Windows XP equipped PC Epson Stylus 880 on the other side of the room

What not to try

  • Don't bother with the steps in the manual, they don't work.

What I did

  • Plug in the print server and connect it to your router using a network cable. Don't expect wireless to work yet.
  • Go to your router's web configuration ( for my Netgear), and find the status page. You should see the IP address that your router obtained. Copy this address.
  • Plug this address into your web browser, it will let you connect to the print server.
  • Use the server's web config to configure your wireless router SSID and security. I used the Infrastructure mode. The ad-hoc mode is for connecting directly without the router, I suggest using the router if possible.
  • Disconnect the print server from the network and unplug it and plug it back in.
  • Here is where it gets weird. Your router will not detect that the print server has reconnected, but you can now use the same IP address it had before to connect to it wirelessly. Use that to verify that you can connect to it using your web browser.
  • Now go and move the print server to where the printer is and plug in the printer. Go back through the web configuration for the print server to check that the printer is set up.
  • Install the client software on your PC, it should now find the print server and allow you to configure your printer.

Other tidbits

Every tab in the web configuration has its peculiarities. here are some:

  • Setup tab: The save button on the status tab is weird. I assumed if I left the new password blank it would not change my password. Instead, it set my password to blank.
  • Protocol: This has sub-menus for TCP/IP, AppleTalk?, etc. They don't seem to do anything. Just stick with TCP/IP.
  • Wireless: The channel no. is irrelevant if you are using Infrastructure mode. The MAC address is the same whether you are wired or wireless - which sort of makes things easier, but only if don't think too hard. The security mode dropdown sometimes defaults to Open System instead of Shared Key. If you hit save on this screen, and you are using WEP, bye bye server - you have to plug it back into a wired port to re-configure it.
  • Printer: This has nothing to do with the printer. It has something to do with email, not sure what this means - looks like you can email the server documents to print, but why would you want to?
  • Status: They saved the best for last. This is the only tab which actually does anything useful. Under it are three tabs, Device, Printer, and Wireless. They actually tell you what you need to know. The Printer page lets you print a test page.
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