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How to lay out pictures to print in The Gimp

  • First, create a document that matches the size of your paper. In my case I created a 8.5x11 document at 150 DPI. You may want to increase the DPI in your document to 300, but 150 is enough for me:

  • Open up the layer pallete and create a separate layer for each picture you will be importing. Open the first picture in another window and use Edit->Copy to copy it. Then select your layer and press paste. You will then need to anchor the picture to your layer. From this point, you can use the rectangle tool to drag your picture around, or other tools to edit as needed.

  • Open your second picture. If the picture is bigger than your print document, you will have to scale it down first. Then follow the procedure above to paste it into your next layer.

Here is a screen shot showing a Gimp session with two pictures and an additional layer for text:

Before printing, you will need to merge the visible layers. Press Ctrl+M or select the option from the Image menu:

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